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Classic Car Restoration Services by Crossley & Webb cater to enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering unparalleled expertise in the restoration, maintenance, and sale of classic and collector cars. Situated in the heart of the automotive community, Crossley & Webb prides itself on its dedication to preserving automotive history through meticulous restoration processes and exceptional customer service.

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021 462 3558 15 Solan Street,
Gardens, Cape Town,

Crossley & Webb operates from a state-of-the-art facility, where a team of skilled professionals employs traditional craftsmanship and the latest technologies to restore each vehicle to its former glory. The company’s comprehensive services include bodywork, mechanical repairs, interior restoration, and performance enhancements, ensuring that every aspect of the car is addressed. Their passion for classic cars drives them to achieve perfection in every project, making Crossley & Webb a trusted name among classic car enthusiasts.

For those looking to expand their knowledge on classic car restoration or seeking inspiration for their next project, authoritative resources such as Hagerty and Classic Cars offer valuable information, tips, and trends in the world of vintage automobiles. These platforms provide a wealth of knowledge on restoration techniques, market insights, and stories from fellow enthusiasts, making them essential resources for anyone involved in or interested in the classic car community.

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