Jessica Uys | Professional Enneagram Coaching

Jessica Uys | Professional Enneagram Coaching

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Professional Enneagram Coaching by Jessica Uys offers a transformative approach to team development and leadership through Enneagram-based workshops and coaching sessions. These programs help teams build self-awareness, relational awareness, and system awareness, leading to improved communication, empathy, and team dynamics.

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0713821828Ballito, South Africa

Benefits of Professional Enneagram Coaching

Working with the Enneagram can significantly enhance team performance by developing individual and collective insights into personality styles. Jessica Uys’s coaching sessions are tailored to address the specific needs of your team, whether through a brief introductory workshop or an extensive leadership development program.


  • Gain insight into personal strengths and motivations.
  • Develop awareness of potential blind spots.
  • Learn to align with unique leadership styles.

Relational Awareness

  • Improve emotional intelligence by becoming more aware of others.
  • Gain insight into others’ unique gifts and contributions.
  • Develop empathy and harness team diversity.

System Awareness

  • Understand team operations as a cohesive system.
  • Identify strengths and challenges within the team.
  • Enhance communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

Programs Offered

Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop

  • A 3-hour session that introduces the 9 core Enneagram types and their communication styles.
  • Ideal for teams seeking a basic understanding without a long-term commitment.

Foundation Enneagram Programme

  • A 4-6 week program for in-depth personal and team application of the Enneagram.
  • Includes individual Enneagram reports, coaching sessions, and a comprehensive guide.

Advanced Enneagram Modules

  • Specialized workshops for integrating Enneagram insights into team culture.
  • Modules cover topics like team archetypes, communication, creative thinking, and stress management.

Leadership Development Programs

  • Long-term programs (6-10 months) designed to foster sustainable leadership growth.
  • Custom-designed based on team needs and current business challenges.

For more information on the benefits of Enneagram in teams, visit The Enneagram Institute and Enneagram Worldwide.

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