Kilgetty | Exceptional Public Officer Support

Kilgetty | Exceptional Public Officer Support

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Exceptional Public Officer Support is crucial for ensuring compliance with South African tax laws. At Kilgetty, we offer comprehensive support to help companies appoint and maintain a public officer, a mandatory requirement for all businesses registered in South Africa. Our services ensure that all tax-related responsibilities are managed efficiently, preventing potential penalties.

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Phone Number: 021 417 8734
Address: Cape Town

The role of a public officer is to act as the face of the company for tax purposes, handling tasks such as submitting annual and provisional tax returns, registering as a taxpayer and employer, and managing employees’ tax declarations. The public officer must be a natural person and a resident of South Africa. Failure to appoint a public officer can result in severe penalties, making this role essential for any company operating within the country.

For businesses where none of the directors are South African residents, Kilgetty can provide a qualified public officer to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

In addition to our specialized public officer services, we offer a range of corporate governance and compliance solutions. Our expertise extends to assisting with the submission of various statutory returns and ensuring that all necessary notifications and documents are correctly handled.

To understand more about the importance of public officers, you can visit SARS and Bizportal.

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