Sunbrite Forklifts | South African Forklift Tyre Specialists

Sunbrite Forklifts | South African Forklift Tyre Specialists

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South African Forklift Tyre Specialists Sunbrite Forklifts stands out as a leading provider of high-quality forklift tyres, engineered to endure the diverse and challenging landscapes of South Africa. The WRST® Series, a prominent offering by Sunbrite, showcases a unique tread design and an extremely deep tread pattern, enhancing wear resistance significantly more than other brands in similar conditions.

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083 390 6362Plot 28 Dassie Street, Sesfontein, Benoni, 1501

Sunbrite Forklifts’ array of products extends well beyond tyres. The company offers a comprehensive range of forklift parts, including engine parts like the EOSF/28-123 Oil Pump suitable for various Toyota models​ (Sunbrite Forklifts)​, and mast parts such as the SF/15601-76008 Oil Filter which ensures operational efficiency and longevity​ (Sunbrite Forklifts)​.

Authority websites that provide additional insights into forklift maintenance and parts include notable industry leaders such as MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association) and the FLTA (Fork Lift Truck Association), which offer resources and guidelines beneficial for optimal forklift operation.

Sunbrite Forklifts not only focuses on the essentials but also on specialized components. For instance, they supply various transmission parts, including the AFTSF/1-203A Transmission Strainer for Toyota models, crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of the hydraulic system​ (Sunbrite Forklifts)​.

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