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Swim Parka | Waterproof Dry Mac Jackets

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Waterproof Dry Mac Jackets are a staple for swimmers and water polo players, providing comfort and warmth in and out of the water. Swim Parka, a company based in South Africa, offers a range of high-quality swim parkas and dry mac jackets designed to meet the needs of aquatic athletes of all levels.

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082 417 0266Oakbrook Estate, 20 Lower Lotheni Rd, Nottingham Road, 3280, South Africa

Swim Parka is committed to empowering women and job creation, manufacturing its products through a team of previously disadvantaged South African women. Their products are designed to retain body heat, ensuring athletes stay warm and comfortable, thus enhancing their performance.

For those interested in learning more about the importance of staying warm and the impact of proper swimwear on performance, authoritative resources like Swimming World Magazine and USA Swimming offer extensive insights and advice.

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