New World Trace | Debtor Tracing Services

New World Trace | Debtor Tracing Services

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Debtor tracing services provided by New World Trace offer high-quality, nationwide debtor and people tracing solutions. Our experienced tracers have been finding absconded debtors for over 30 years, ensuring efficient identification and tracking of individuals to assist in court orders or collection procedures.

Contact Details

Phone Number0828497820
AddressLower Road 20
Sunair Park, Brakpan

Our services operate on a “No Trace No Fee” basis, which means if we are unsuccessful in tracing a debtor, you owe us nothing. This ensures a risk-free approach to debtor tracing, providing peace of mind for our clients.

When involved in court actions, finding a missing debtor can be challenging and costly. New World Trace uses advanced techniques and tools to locate individuals who have changed addresses, phone numbers, or even names. This comprehensive service helps expedite legal proceedings and recover outstanding debts.

For more information on the intricacies of debtor tracing, you can explore resources from The Association of Professional Debt Solutions and The Debt Collection Handbook, which provide valuable insights into effective debt recovery strategies.

Our services include tracing individuals using ID numbers, mobile and landline numbers, and other identifying information. New World Trace remains committed to providing fast and effective tracing solutions, making us South Africa’s premier tracing agency.

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