MyLifeline | Smart Panic Buttons

MyLifeline | Smart Panic Buttons

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Smart Panic Buttons provided by MyLifeline offer advanced safety solutions for various settings. These devices are designed to ensure immediate assistance during emergencies, enhancing security and response times for users.

Contact Details

Phone Number0827775350

Innovative Panic Solutions

Wearable Devices

MyLifeline offers integrated panic buttons that work anywhere with a cellular connection. These devices are designed for ease of use and immediate response during emergencies.

Control Room Integration

The control room receives distress signals along with the estimated GPS location on an emergency platform. Operators can communicate directly with the person in distress and guide the response process efficiently.

Emergency Contacts

Each profile can have up to 5 emergency contacts. In an emergency, these contacts receive SMS notifications with the person’s GPS location, ensuring a swift and coordinated response.

Product Range

  • Eview 04: Wristwatch with step-counter, heart-rate monitor, and fall detection.
  • Eview 05 & 06: Advanced models with touch screens and enhanced features.
  • Eview 07: Pendant with long battery life and waterproof design.
  • ReachFar 45: Pendant with LCD screen showing vital information.
  • BlueIdea 07: Cost-effective entry-level pendant.

For more insights on panic systems and emergency response, refer to authoritative sources such as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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